Metabolistics is shutting down

It is with tremendous regret that I must announce the shutdown of Metabolistics.

I founded Metabolistics after recognizing an unmet need in the market. There was no good way to screen for ovarian cancer, and no reccomended method to screen young women for breast cancer.

These diseases have significantly better prognoses when found early and treated in their early stages. In addition existing methods for screening for breast cancer were problematic with regards to pain and poor accuracy in young women with dense breasts. Additionally, a lack of urgency in the medical field to inform women of their risk of developing disease caused unnecessary confusion and frustration among patients.

Metabolistics sought to alleviate these problems. We became the world's formost metabolomic testing company, offering clear, concise, reports detailing a woman's risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. In as few as 5 minutes, a patient could collect their sample and after processing be provided a report on their current risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer, accessible either through their doctor or on our website.

We knew when we started Metabolistics that its business model was risky, since many of our clients are accustomed to social healthcare and might be unwilling to pay directly for our test. We assumed that economies of scale would address that problem. We were wrong.

I'd like to thank our users for allowing us the chance to serve you during what was often a very difficult time in your lives. I would also like to thank our employees for their dedication.

Carolyn Slupsky, Metabolistics founder